I tend to stay away from big bags. I used to always have one with me, and fill it with my entire life when I was in grad school. I ended up having to go to a physical therapist because the bag I was carrying was so heavy that is was crushing the right side of my back. So, it was small bags, or no bags at all for me.

When I moved to LA, I needed to carry more things again, and especially if I was running around town, I would have 3 or 4 totes with me and straight up looked like a crazy bag lady. When Megan came up with the Dianna Tennis Tote, I was like "oooooo that's pretty, but I can't imagine carrying something so big."

< She left a bag at my apartment a few months ago, and really tried to get her to sit in it so we could take a photo for the website, but she didn't bite. It sat idle in my closet for a month, then I needed to run to the gym and at farmers market the same afternoon, without time to change. (How incredibly LA is this story?) So I grabbed this gigantic bag and threw in clothes and shoes, the shoes went in the cool little compartment at the bottom, and was on my way. This story ends with me getting sweaty, and being able to fit all my stuff for the day in my pretty blue bag, and feeling way less gross than I normally do when I am running around in a city full of sunshine.

I hope you guys have a lovely weekend.