Things are feeling rough out in the world right now, and the feeling of wanting to hide inside and surround ourselves with cake and Parks and Recreation reruns is reasonable. Do that if you need to for a day, but then go back outside, put more good back into the world, and do your part to change the things you feel are not ok. You can hold cake while marching, you can hold cake while calling your senators, you can hold cake while having a conversation with someone who has different views than you do. You can even hold cake TOGETHER.

I am not someone who can avoid having feelings. They heartbreak of what happened in Vegas on Sunday hit me deeply, and brought up waves of rage, fear, disappointment, and sadness. I am still feeling those things today, and even though everyone I knew in Vegas is safe, I woke up this morning scared. Just straight up, old fashioned, scared. I wanted to go back to sleep and pretend that the terrible things that are happening right now aren't real. But they are real, and things need to change.

The worst thing I have ever felt is powerless, and at a glance, there is nothing I can do about what happened in Vegas, I can't help them. But with some perspective, I can see that I can do something. I can do a lot, in fact.

One: Call your local government, and tell them how you feel about what happened and what you want to change. If it make you angry, put that anger in the right place.

Two: Give what you can to organizations like Everytown who work for safer gun regulation.

Three: Go out of your way to be kinder, more inclusive, and more gentle with the people around you. Be open-hearted, patient, and willing to assume the people around you are good.