Hi, and happy Monday! I hope you guys are off to a good start. I have been in need of motivation recently, and I met this amazing lady, Maxie McCoy, at the Create Cultivate conference in New York. Maxie is a motivational speaker and is all about empowering badass ladies to be the best version of themselves.

At the beginning of the week, I often need an extra little push to get things moving, and this morning I spent some time on her website. She has a great article that I suggest reading in full, but it basically came down to playing truth or dare with your life. It's easy to talk about what you want to do in the future. "Someday I will open a business, or write a book, or sing in front of 10,000 people." (That last one is actually my nightmare, but I am sure some people are into that kind of thing.) The point is, it's great to talk about your dreams, but if there is no action behind them, nothing will change.

In the article, Maxie brings up the idea of daring yourself into action, do the things that actually push you forward with your dreams first, and then talk about it. It makes those far away dreams feel closer, and less like dreams, more like the inevitable future. He last line from the piece is something I really liked.

"So, what can you do, this second, to show someone your dream instead of telling them about it? If you keep doing that over and over and over again, you’ll be living the dream instead of telling people about the thing you really want someday. Show don’t tell. And you’ll get way further way faster." -Maxie McCoy