So I moved to LA exactly a year ago. We have been getting to know each other on this little blog for the past few months, but I haven't shared anything all that personal, because this is a blog on a website that sells handbags, and this would be a somewhat inappropriate venue to air our my social life. BUT, I'm in charge of this blog and one of my best friends runs the company, so here we are.

In that time, I have moved into an apartment that is now my home, made new friends, new loves, a new career, and a whole new life. I had celebratory drinks last night, atop the Ace Hotel in downtown LA, and seeing my new little community come together and drink tequila together made me silly happy. It also made me a little tipsy. Mostly, I am intensely grateful for this life that I have put together. It is still a little bit messy, and I am fine with that. Messy is good. THAT'S ALL. Have a happy Wednesday.