Happy Tuesday everyone. My week is starting today, because yesterday was somehow a wash. I get caught up in little things I need to do, and it all starts when I think I can't possibly do work until I do the dishes and clean the bathroom. When I finish that, I need to re-organize the stuff under my bed, and then go through my closet and get rid of things I don't love. Oh, and I need to go to the store, and probably order that night cream online, and now that the holidays aren't far off, I should really look into getting presents together for my niece and nephew. And, oh my god, I need to make the bed, and check in with a few friends I haven't seen in a while. Then I am tired, and I am just going to watch an episode of Stranger Things, but then two hours later, its time for dinner, and it's crazy to eat dinner too late, so I should do it now, then I will work. Oh, now it's 10pm, I should probably just get in bed and read for a minute, then do emails. Aaaaaaand now it's Tuesday.

Anyway, instead of dwelling on my non-existent productivity level, I found this little website this morning, that I am hoping will be helpful to me, and to you guys. It's call Unstuck, which I am sure I could have used a million other times in my life. It is a website devoted to getting things done, and moving forward toward your goals. They have a section on procrastination, which is the sexiest thing you could say to me, and I am already liking the articles. This one (https://www.unstuck.com/advice/stop-planning-start-doing/) is all about setting small goals, and not spending too much time planning. This is hard for me to hear, because I LOVE that part. Nothing better than a fresh planner and highlighters. Mmmmm. Highlighters.

If you don't have time to read the article, or don't feel like procrastinating right now, even more than you clearly are, here are the three main takeaways:

1. Set small goals, and put them into action, fast.

2. Limit your planning time, it should only be about 5-10% of your total work time, so get to it.

3. Keep your plans to yourself. This one is hard for me, because I feel like telling people what I am doing makes me more accountable, but the research shows that the opposite it true! Who knew? It's better to stay quiet about your work and then tell people once you finish it.

Hope this is helpful, have a great week!