If you do not know about Aurora James (http://aurorajames.com/) I highly recommend doing so. She’s the force of nature behind Brother Villes, the gorgeous ethical footwear brand who makes my dream boots. (I wear a 6.5 if you are interested in making a friend forever.) She is fiercely passionate about the work that her company does, and how they produce and the materials they use.

I saw her speak at a conference in New York a few weeks ago, and she represents her company and mission well. In a conversation regarding sustainability, she brought up the importance of using your platform for good, and not only personal gain. When discussing the issue, she didn’t retreat into safe over-politeness or back down from the things she cares about.

"We work with five workshops across Africa to create our entire collection, and each of these partners is like our family. We work with people that we know pay fair wages, maintain clean, safe facilities and support the families and communities of the individuals that work for them. We examine their wastage, their processing techniques, and how their workshops support and impact the communities they are based in." via i-D

Her defense of the importance of educating yourself on where your clothes come from and the responsibility that people with an audience have, made me want to do my own work better. "For the first time, we have real information and real power. The way we choose to spend our money will be what signals change to the rest of the world, and we have a real chance in the fashion community to lead the way." via i-D

Image via Come Trend

Post By: Caitlin Decker