Happy Monday!

Welcome to a brand new, slightly sweaty week. It officially feels like summer in Los Angeles, and it is just like the movies.

On days like today, when it’s hot and sunny and I just want to lay out and eat popsicles in the park, it’s important to me that I start off the week right. Honestly, the whole thing about dreading Mondays seems like a tired notion to me. Monday is a chance to get things moving in the right direction, a fresh start of sorts, and this girl loves a reset button.

What I have been doing the last few weeks is small, but helpful. I send a few messages and emails to people I love, and let them know how awesome they are. Because I work remotely, it’s easy to go through a day and not talk to anyone, so this is a great way to have a positive connection in the morning. Taking a few minutes to feel grateful for my friends makes me feel good, and they like it too. Or, they think I am obsessed with them, and that seems like more their problem than mine.

So share a little love in the morning, sit in that delicious, happy feeling for a moment, and start off your week right.