Tell us about yourself: I write, produce, and host segments on and about Tennis. I do a regular show called “Talk Tennis” which you can find on youtube - Channel: where I cover various tennis related topics. The show stands out because it has a strong un-filtered, and comedic tone. These days, people want to know MORE than just the score. With Talk Tennis I try to achieve that for the viewer in a fun, upbeat, funny, easy to follow kind of way so that anyone from the avid tennis fan, to the person who doesn’t know much about the sport, can watch and enjoy the show.

I also work with (make videos, and cover events) for the following tennis outlets: Cliff Drysdale Tennis (, Magazine, And YTEX Strings (

I got involved with CARE Rescue LA about 2 years ago. I have always had a strong passion and love for animals. The abuse, and euthanization rate at shelters in the US, and around the world, has always been something that has just ripped me apart inside. It’s absolutely gut wrenching. Since I was a young child I would volunteer for rescue organizations. And into my adulthood I would always help in any way that I could. I am on the Board of CARE Rescue LA – the rescue is only comprised of 7 ladies. We save animals from high kill shelters, the streets, abusive situations, etc.

Why are you passionate about what you're doing? Tennis is, to me, the most incredible sport out there. Just look at the range of people who play the sport. It’s played everywhere in the world! All ranges of economic backgrounds enjoy the sport. And tennis is one of the only sports that can be played FOREVER. From kids, to teenagers, to adults, to senior citizens . . .people of all ages can play! Tennis is great fun, and it’s also an incredible full body workout. Really great stress relief as well! What’s better to let off a little steam than hitting the court and whacking a few tennis balls?!<.p>

Now being more involved in this world of rescue and being more educated about what is really going on, I have the UTMOST respect for people who work in rescue. It is ROUGH! The sadness and horror that you experience is beyond what you could ever imagine. But the lives that do get saved, the success stories, make it all worth it.

Donations are everything to rescues, that is 100% what we work off of. We do not make any money. We are 100% volunteer based, so 100% of donations go towards the animals. People can follow us via our facebook: OR Instagram: @CareRescueLA OR website:

Life motto: Never Settle.

What's your advice for getting through tough times and making tough decisions? When it comes to rough times, I'm the kind of person who internalizes a lot. It's not so easy for me to talk to people about personal issues. I think that is why I bond with animals so deeply. Honestly without my little babies at home, I don’t know what I would do. Just looking at their faces brightens my day.

In regards to tough decisions I have a very select few friends who I will reach to for advice. People who have proven to have my best interest at heart. I also will often reach out to my older brother, because in many ways he knows me better than anyone. But at the end of the day when it comes to a tough decision, it's important to really sit with yourself and give youself the time to make the right decision for YOU. Nobody knows you better than you. And nobody knows whats right for you better than you do.

Any tips for dealing with negative thinking or people? Oh man, aren’t these people fun! (insert emoji rolling its eyes). What it boils down to is that negative people are everywhere. No matter what you do there will always be critics. You just have to remind yourself that ultimately negativity stems from jealousy and unhappiness. Happy people don’t have the time or the energy to spend on being negative. Just keep that in mind.

What's your hope for women around the world? My hope for women around the world is for them to continue growing and evolving, and hopefully one day having a world where there are no discrepancies between men and women other than the obvious physical.

What motivates and inspires you? The POSITIVE people in my life inspire and motivate me. The people who support me, acknowledge me and my drive and ambitions, who encourage me to reach those goals, who reach out and offer a helping hand whenever they can because they WANT to see me succeed. What I've noticed as I've gotten older is that unfortunately a lot of people don’t want to see you succeed - not before them at least. And if you do achieve that success, or some morsel of it, even people who you viewed as "friends" or who are "family" will suddenly turn their backs on you, or try to instill doubt in you. It's sad and it's disturbing, but it’s the reality of some human nature. So as I've grown, and lived, and learned, these experiences have made me appreciate those POSITIVE people in my life SO SO much more. Those are the people who help keep me focused, and inspired, and motivated.

What does an extraordinary life mean to you? Being happy. However, that is achieved, and whatever that means, and looks like for a person. That’s the ultimate goal in life right? But however you achieve/get to your "happy", take a note out of my wise sage of a mother's book - "Don't forget to also enjoy the process." Being happy before, during, and at the end goal. That’s an extraordinary life. A lot harder to achieve than it sounds, but its definitely possible.