Since I am new to LA, and have now been a resident for just over 6 months, I hardly consider myself an expert on LA type things. I am still learning what my favorite places are and what neighborhoods I like. One great thing that my state of newness allows me is that I am fine asking everyone about their favorite things in the city, and have been able to to learn so much about the city, just by prying into other peoples’ business.

A few weeks ago, a friend took me out to Malibu to celebrate my birthday, and honestly just to celebrate how much fun Malibu is, because it is SO MUCH FUN. We went hiking, played on the beach, and scouted our future vacation homes. My favorite part of the day, which will be unsurprising to people who know me, was lunch.

We went to Neptune’s Net, which is snuggled up against Highway 1, and is full of bikers and people who are in it for the ‘gram. This place goes immediately into my LA hall of fame and I love it. It’s a seafood spot with few other options, and there are two counters to go to, one for the fresh stuff, and one for the perfectly fried baskets of nautical heaven. We, of course, ordered a pound of steamed peel and eat shrimp, oysters, and the fry basket with clam strips, calamari, fried shrimp, and fries. It took 4 tiny buckets of cocktail to get through the meal, but we did it. Everything was fresh, delicious, and if I lived less that 90 minutes away, I would be there all the time.

If you are in LA, or need a reason to come, put this on your list.