Good morning! We are going to start doing things a little bit differently on the blog, and we are excited to hear what you think! To kick off the week, we are starting with a little bit of love. I don’t want to be the “case of the Mondays” girl, but damn, sometimes I feel those Office Space vibes. It can be hard to get things moving when you are still dreaming of a weekend of sun and brunch maybe a nap or two. One thing that I have found that helps, is to try to make Monday something to look forward to.

I know, you are ready to stop reading, bear with me.

Have one good thing (at least) planned for Monday. It can be an awesome yoga class, a lunch date, a breakfast spot you want to try, a phone call scheduled with a friend, it can be anything that you truly want to do, but schedule it in. Making a little bit of space for yourself, even if it’s 15 minutes on the phone with your best friend (‘m not saying “bestie,” I’m 34), you will have something that can pull you happily through your day. Make Monday your JAM, and spend your day being excited for the good stuff, rather than trying to slog your way through it.

Let us know what you are doing to start your week off and make it extraordinary!

By: Caitlin Decker