I started LOUISE & ELEANOR at my kitchen table. I still have the first bags I made, before we were LOUISE & ELEANOR. I just created something I liked and one day after another, it started to evolve.

I think back to the first "big" production run, which was a complete disaster. Slowly, I grew wiser, learned more, and recovered. I remember many tearful nights, sitting completely terrified. Heck, I'm still terrified but that's what makes this whole adventure exciting.

There was no red carpet laid out to start LOUISE & ELEANOR, just a dream, a desire to create something I didn't see in the market and to give back to others.

We're still at the beginning, yet far from where we started. We have some busy months ahead and luckily, we're continuing to grow. People say, "it's in the journey..." And, until quite recently, I hadn't grasped what that truly means. It really is all about the ride. Our recent successes are made all the sweeter by our past pitfalls.

I know it's important to be mindful of where we are as a company, and especially of where we've been. It makes the here and now all the more precious, whether it be a good day or bad. And too, it allows us to cast a positive and excited eye toward the future. And, with each step forward we leave behind a footprint. A unique imprint marking our journey. And, while looking back, take note of each print's uniqueness. Know that each print is solely your own, and will always and forever be your own. So, as you forge ahead, keep in mind the footprints you'll leave behind, for they may guide another on their path and encourage them to continue on.

As for L&E, we're going to keep inching along, vision in sight, with the hope and goal of making this company as extraordinary as we can be.

XO, Megan