<p>Happy Tuesday, I hope you are all off to a good start this week. We are back in sunny LA, specifically thankfull we can feel our toes. Winter is no joke, good thing we don't really have to deal with that. </p>

<p>We are starting to see holiday decorations popping up all over, and instead of rolling our eyes and groaning about it (ok, we did that a littlw bit anyway) we are leaning into it, and putting together our own gift guides! We are getting the ball rolling with our Bright Star guide, and we know you have one of those in your life. This little pile of goodies is for the lady who brightens every room she walks into, and who you know can bring some sunshine to your day when you are feeling gloomy. </p>

<p>We are starting this series, and if there is anyone inparticular that you need ideas for, we are here to help!</p>