Fear of failure is super common. Don't worry, this is not a piece about telling you that everything you do is beautiful in it's own way, and that if you work hard enough, you will succeed. We're adults here, and that is just not true.

For example, I started painting again last week, after not painting for the better part of 25 years. I did some of it when I was in fashion school a few years ago, but nothing good, and certainly nothing I would show anyone. I really love it, and mixing the colors around and the satisfaction of creating something makes me truly happy. That being said, everything I made was complete trash.

Seriously, I am not a good painter. I am not even an acceptable painter, or someone with potential in painting, or a remotely talented painter by any measure. But I like it.

Perfectionism is a tough thing to get past for me, but the fact that I cam make all of these crappy paintings and it doesn't matter, not even a little bit, is a good exercise for me to learn how to get over myself. Not everything I make is precious.

So I encourage you to fail at something. Make bad art, be a terrible bowler, or a sing karaoke horribly. It's freeing to do something badly, and don't be afraid to truly suck at it. It's fun.