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Lives are defined by the journeys we take, and oftentimes, the hardest part of the journey is finding the courage to take the first step. In Best Wishes, LOUISE & ELEANOR founder and CEO, Megan Tierney, inspires women to go after the adventures our lives were meant to travel.

Thoughtful messages mixed in with colorful, feminine and fashionable imagery makes Best Wishes a chic and inspiring read. Whether taking steps forward en route to pursuing dreams, along with women needing to remember why they chased their dreams in the first place, this book serves as a gentle reminder that if we have the courage act, we can make amazing things happen.

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Whether you're starting the business you've always wanted, taking trips to new places, entering into a new relationship, starting a family, or enjoying a moment to stop and smell the roses, Best Wishes is a book about giving you the courage to take the first step and keep going.

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